Dalbello DB Team


Name:Lukas Brucic Nationality:Austria Team:DB National Style:Freestyle

Clame of Fame


Hometown/where you learned to ski: Beverly Mils / Glungezer
Age when you started skiing: 4
Skiing Background: Racing was too boring so I start jumping!
Breakthrough Moment: senfter big air kromplatz 2002
Claim to Fame: the nature, mountains, friends and fam.
Dream Conditions: sun and fresh pow!
Riding Style: just me!
The Best Thing About Skiing: the nature
The Worst Thing About Skiing: so much stuff
The Best Training For Skiing: tramp and the soul
What is freeskiing for u? freeskiing is my life for me, soulskiing!!!
Is freeskiing evolving and what are the trends u see coming next season? I don´t thinging about trend and stuff but douples and triples are very trendy!
What is Dalbello for you ? just the perfect boot!! Great design and comfortable
Describe a perfect day on the mountain, no limits, just dreaming: top on the mountain, fresh pow, lots of trees, gabs and lips and just having fun with friends
Favorite Music: hip hop, Slangsta, reagge
Favorite Movie: man on the moon
Favorite Ski Flick: all films from headbud
Video Game System: ps3
Other Toys: my dog
Other Sports/Activities: wåndån
Advice: big up to the headbud and pickings fam. Crew Soulskier 4L


Il Moro "T" I.D.

Il Moro "T" I.D.


Dalbello DB Team