August 20, 2015

Cala Cimenti, first Italian Snowleopard

Cala Cimenti, first Italian Snowleopard

On August 19 at 3 pm Carlalberto Cala Cimenti – mountaineer from Pragelato (Turin, Italy) – successfully reached the top of Communism Peak, thus becoming the first Italian ever to receive the Snowleopard award and the first in the world to descend from this summit on skis.

The award, issued by the Russian Mountaineering Federation, is granted only to mountaineers who climb all the peaks over 7,000 m in the area of the former Soviet Union.
Cala’s Snowleopard Project started in the summer of 2013. Then the intention of Cimenti was to climb these five mountains in just two months and, when possible, to ski down them.

Reaching the base of Communism Peak and having spent a few days at high altitude in the advance camps to accustom the body to the altitude, on August 14 Cala returned to base camp to make preparations for the critical week. On that very day Cala Cimenti took part in an emergency rescue in which, together with other climbers in the camp, he managed to bring to safety a Russian youngster missing for 8 days.
On August 16 Cala finally departed from base camp (4,200 m) and in four days successfully reached the top of Communism Peak at 7,495 m, so becoming the first Italian Snowleopard.
Thanks Sherpa T.I. for your support!

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