December 14, 2015

“triplete” on the podium at the Dew Tour

“triplete” on the podium at the Dew Tour

It has been a great start to the competition season for the girls. Kelly on the top, Tiril took 2nd place and Emma Dahlstrom 3rd!

Heavy snowfalls on Saturday forced the postponement of the women's freeski slopestyle final to Sunday, and the extra 24-hour wait really paid off, as the ladies had a well-groomed course and bluebird skies for their competition, enabling to ski to their fullest potential.

At just 13 years old, Kelly Sildaru might be the smallest competitor in the field, but she brought the biggest run of the contest, spinning all four directions and showcasing technicality on the rails in the process. On the jumps, Kelly landed a switch right 900, right corked 720, switch left 900 and left 720, and the judges rewarded her with a 90.80 to put her into 1st place and bumping Tiril down to 2nd.

Tiril took the lead on her 2nd run, the Norwegian put down a full run capped off with that switch right 10. That run earned her an 86.00 and put her into the lead. Tiril would maintain the lead with two riders left to drop - Estonia's Kelly Sildaru and Sweden's Emma Dahlstrom.

The top qualifier in the semifinal, Emma Dahlstrom was last to drop. Landing a nice corked 720 in her run, Emma was able to crack the podium with an 83.40 to put her into 2nd behind Kelly and Tiril.

1. Kelly Sildaru, 90.80
2. Tiril Sjastad Christiansen, 86.00
3. Emma Dahlstrom, 83.40
4. Johanne Killi, 77.20
5. Yuki Tsubota, 74.20
6. Dara Howell, 29.60

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