Dalbello DB Team


Name:Ane Enderud Nationality:Norway Team:DB International Style:Freeride

Clame of Fame

After winning the Freeride World Tour (FWT) twice, Ane Enderud went off on her own, to find bigger mountains, steeper faces and deeper powder.


Born: 4th April 1980

Hometown/where you learned to ski: I learned skiing first in Hemsedal where we had a cabin and then also Oslo later on when I started racing at age 11.

Age when you started skiing: 2 1/2

Skiing Background: Playing around until age 11 and then racing until I was 17. I was doing ski high school and FIS and started training with the national team when I was 16 but got tired of it the first year..After a few years with telemarks and snowboard I went back on ski and been freeriding ever since except for a few seasons.

Breakthrough Moment: Win the Freeride World Tour in 2009.

Claim to Fame: Win again in 2010..

Favorite Terrain: The prefect run would have it all..steep start with some tecnical challenges and then more playful end where I could just let it go and ski fast and jump big...
Good snow is the most important though, then I find most terrain fun as long as its not all flat..

Dream Conditions: Powder!

Riding Style: Fast and fluid with some good jumps in there..

The Best Thing About Skiing: Bee out with friends enjoying the nature combined with the rush of going fast and challenge yourself. And it gives me the opportunity to travel alot and meet good people. Skiing has created my lifestyle and I feel lucky to experience and learn the way I do..

The Worst Thing About Skiing: Injuries!

The Best Training For Skiing: Yoga, surfing, core, biking. But its many things that can improve your riding, balance and reactions combined with training the core muscles is essential
Important to find methods/activities you like to so you keep the motivation and the play fullness alive..

Worst Injury from Skiing: Braking both my ACL in the knees..long recover so you need to be patient before skiing as normal and it’s a bit of a challenge to trust them again..

What is freeskiing for u? Skiing in all kind of terrain always searching for the most fun terrain and snow in the places you are..
Last years my passion has also been my job so I’m more focused on what I want and need to do to stay on top of the game..

Is freeskiing evolving and what are the trends u see coming next season? Its evolving a lot the last years and the level I have seen in the comps this season I think was a big step both for the girls and the guys.
There is more riders on a really high level who meet and push each other in a positive way. We also see more freestyle inspired styles coming into the freeskiing scene and that spices it up and we will see a lot more of that coming..

What is Dalbello for you ? The Dal Bello family and their crew.. smiling Italians focused and specialized on only ski boots!
A small company working very close with their team and using our feedback to make it right, best boots out there! And they have good food and coffee ;) I love ;)

Describe a perfect day on the mountain, no limits, just dreaming:Its pretty basic actually..good friends having fun and pushing each other. Powder, sun and no crowds.
I could not imagine a life without these days..

Superstitions: Not too much..but I believe your actions reflects on what comes back at you..
And I have a golden neckless watch have been around my neck on all comps this year...its from my grand grand mother and it feels good having it around..

Favorite Music: It depends all on the mood and situation...
Favorite Ski Flick: the ones with my friends in..Candide Kamera is sweeet and TGR has alot of good ones
Video Game System: ?
Other Toys: My gear is my toys, skis, surfboard and bike..
Other Sports/Activities: Yoga, surfing, biking and everything fun that comes up!
Advice: Follow your dreams and don’t give in even if it’s difficult sometimes.. 




Dalbello DB Team