Dalbello DB Team


Name:Anja Bolbjerg Nationality:Denmark Team:DB National Style:Freeride

Clame of Fame

Winning on the circuit’s toughest course over Kari Traa and Candice Gilg by adding extra turns in between the moguls


Born: 18.05.1971 Copenhagen
Hometown/where you learned to ski: Copenhagen,DK/Val Thorens, France
Age when you started skiing: 4
1st Time Skiing: In Austria on a family vacation
Skiing Background: World cup moguls 1996-2003. Olympic finalist 1998 and 2002. Winner of world cup, La Plagne Dec 1997
Breakthrough Moment: Leading the world cup 1 month before Nagano Olympics 1998.
Favorite Terrain: Steep off piste, soft moguls, tree skiing
Dream Conditions: A beautiful forrest with 50 cm of fresh, cold powder on a steep mountain
Riding Style: With a smile!
The Best Thing About Skiing: Freedom and fresh air
The Worst Thing About Skiing: Cold toes and injuries
The Best Training For Skiing: All that demands balance like water skiing, kite surfing, water ramping, trampolining
Worst Injury from Skiing: Herniated discs or torn ACL on both knees. I don’t know which is worst!
Favorite Music: Pretty much everything except techno, punk and brit-pop
Favorite Band: Shakira, Sting
Favorite Movie: Forrest Gump
Favorite Ski Flick: Fire and Ice!!!!
Video Game System:
Other Toys: RIB boat and tubing
Other Sports/Activities: MTB, diving, learning to kite surf, tennis
Advice: Follow your dreams and take care of the people you love.


Kr 2 Chakra

Kr 2 Chakra


Dalbello DB Team