Dalbello women’s models share common constructions with the men’s models but, in fact, are dedicated designs that feature unique dynamic functionality specifically engineered for the performance demands of women skiers. Dalbello women’s boots feature lady’s only fit and function. Dalbello women’s innerboots use unique textiles and insulating materials that are relatively softer, warmer, and more cushioned than corresponding men’s innerboots. In order to comfortably accommodate the specific anatomical requirements of the women’s foot morphology, all Dalbello women’s models feature tapered rearfoot lasting that fits women’s foot shapes. All women’s models innerboot constructions are narrower and lower in overall volume than men’s models, and feature luxurious fleece and “faux fur” lining textiles. All Dalbello women’s models use structural materials that are lighter weight and more flexible than those used in corresponding men’s models.

Lady last

The industry benchmark in ski boot innerboot technology, TRUFIT innerboots fit comfortably right out of the box, or, may be optionally custom heat molded. New for 2013 : selected models are eqiuipped with 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation material. The secret ingredient inside the boots to keep feet warm and comfortable . Thinsulate insulation is the perfect choice for insulated footwear

High Tech Personalization

All Dalbello women’s models feature a combination of adjustments for fit and performance personalization: forward flex control, forward lean control, boot height adjustment, cuff volume circumference, walk/ski control, canting, fore/aft balance, heel lift, and heel hold.

Low Contour Profile Geometry

Dalbello women’s model innerboot cuffs and rear spoilers are 0.5 cm - 1.5 cm (depending on model) lower that men’s cuffs. Low contour profile geometry cuffs are engineered to close comfortably and easily around a wide variety of women’s lower leg shapes and sizes.

Heel Inclinator

Select Dalbello Kyra and Aspire models feature an adjustable heel height mechanism. Raising or lowering the heel inside the boot can improve rearfoot and ankle comfort for some skiers. Changing foot angle also changes fore/aft balance which can improve ski response and turn initiation for some skiers.

SKI-HIKE Mechanism

Thin, lightweight, and compact. NEW, advanced function “Hike/Ski” control combines extended range of movement for easy walking & hiking(Hike-mode), with solid, sensitive, and powerful ski control (SKI-mode). Feature enhanced with 2 Position Flex Control.


Aspire models feature a removable cuff insert (X-Module Insert) that expands the boot top opening circumference approximately 5 cm and lowers the overall boot height by 1.5 cm.

Walking Soles

Bi-Injection P.U toes/heels + Rubber Arch Clad (select models) provide durability, stability and traction while walking & climbing.