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Mantis 95
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For expert to intermediate, hard charging performance skiers who ski a wide variety of terrain and snow conditions at all speeds, and seek precision and performance. Lightweight, 3D tri-injection shell architecture wraps the foot precisely, is easy to put on and take off, and delivers highly energized response and power.

Experience the following technologies

Boot Technology


  • Classic Performance Fit - Tongue Construction
  • Performance/Comfort Fit
  • Combination Ultralon® HD + Enact™ (High Density w/elastic foam resin) construction
  • Moccasin Forefoot – control & sensitivity
  • Hi-Grip Nylon Lining for max foothold
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Gaia 4 Cx 1 Voodoo Kr Rampage I.D. SHERPA 5/5 I.D. Mantis 75