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  • BOOT: Il Moro "T " I.D.

claim of fame

Winner of the Gold Medal at the 2013 Winter X Games _ Slopestyle
Winner of the silver medal at the 2012 Winter X Games _ Slopestyle

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interview of Nick Goepper


Nick Goepper


Fort Wayne, Indiana

Hometown/where you learned to ski

Lawrenceburg, Indiana

Age when you started skiing


Skiing Background

Grew up a park rat. No formal ski coaching before. That is something I want to pursue in the future though.

Breakthrough Moment

Winning the Dumont Cup this year in Sunday River.

Claim to Fame

My aunt is a Broadway dancer.

Favorite Terrain

Perfect park jumps.

Dream Conditions

Any condition where I’m having fun.

Riding Style

Smooth and effortless.

The Best Thing About Skiing

The feeling of flying. Having fun with your friends.

The Worst Thing About Skiing

The impracticality of it… hauling all that equipment up and down lodge stairs.

The Best Training For Skiing


Worst Injury from Skiing

A sever gash in my hip that required 20 stitches.

What is freeskiing for u

Being able to express yourself and do whatever you want to do on your skis.

Is freeskiing evolving and what are the trends u see coming next season

I think we will see skiing evolve much like snowboarding. You will have all of your different niche categories in the sport to be apart of and the progression in each of those categories will continue to escalate.

What is Dalbello for you

They provide awesome, comfy, performance enhancing boots to wear skiing!

Describe a perfect day on the mountain, no limits, just dreaming

Any day where I’m having fun is perfect.


Never call last run, never say never. If you think it, it will happen.

Favorite Music

Hip Hop

Favorite Band

Anything I can vibe to

Favorite Movie

The Green Hornet

Favorite Ski Flick

Ski Pornv Video Game System

Other Toys

My bicycle

Other Sports/Activities

Skating, swimming, hiking.


You can achieve what you believe.

Nick Goepper’s choice
Il Moro "T " I.D.

The choice of X-Games athletes Russ Henshaw, Nick Goepper, Devin Logan, McRae Williams, Kevin Rolland, Emma Dahlstrom etc… The IL Moro T Comp is a no holds barred, specialty ski boot that has been designed for today’s new-school rider. The IL Moro T Comp is built on Dalbello’s Krypton chassis and offers the full array of Dalbello’s technology: Cabrio design, Center Balanced “Rocker” Stance, Contour 4 and a very steezy sublimated graphic. Full length, shock absorbing “Landing Gear” footboard, ID Thermo Custom Fit Liners and a clever spring loaded clip that holds the buckle in place when opened to accommodate easy hikes back up the park or while building booters. The IL Moro T Comp is the real deal. Just like the Pro’s use.

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