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  • DATE OF BIRTH: April 7, 1995
  • BOOT: KR Kryzma I.D.

claim of fame

Aspen X Games 2013 / slopestyle
European X Games Tignes 2013 / slopestyle
World Cup New Zealand 2013 / slopestyle
New Zealand Freeski Open 2013 / slopestyle
World Cup Silva Plana 2012 / slopestyle

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interview of Tiril Sjåstad

Who are you?

I´m a professional freeskier from a small town called Geilo, Norway. I grew up skiing and was born into a ski family. I´ve always been active and tried a lot of activities, but four/five years ago I found out that freeskiing is my passion. I go to school in Lillehammer were I live with my brother. I also have a horse and two dogs that I don´t see much these days, but it´s always a joy to go home and visit them. I travel most of the time, but when I have days of, I try to visit my family and friends, who means the world to me.

What inspires you?

My family, my friends and my idols. I´ve always looked up to my grandpa who was a professional alpine skier. He competed in the Olympics and I feel like I´m following his footsteps. My brother is a professional biathloner, and I’ve looked up to him since I was a kid. He works so hard and it motivates me to work even harder. Our goal is to compete in the Olympics together. My friends have always been here for me, and even though I don’t see them much, they´re always here supporting me and the choices I’m taking.

Can u describe your style?

It´s hard when people ask you to describe your style, but I hope and think I have a clean style and that people enjoy watching me ski. I always try to look like I have control of what I’m doing, nice grabbing and smooth skiing.

Which is the terrain that you likes the most and why?

I love park skiing! My hometown doesn’t have huge mountains or a forest that gets a lot of powder, so I’ve never been introduces to that type of skiing. But one day, I hope ill have time for some powder trips. Go somewhere, without a coach, without cameras, just me. No stress and no pressure. Just do what I love, ski.

From being a reserve for the Euro XGames 3 years ago to be a winner is a fast but long road, can you describe it? And what your feelings when you won?

I got my first invite to euro x three years ago. It was unbelievable and I couldn’t believe it. I was only a reserve, but just being able to go to Tignes and maybe compete was a huge step for me. Next year I was a reserve too, but got a spot this time too. I crashed and things didn’t go my way… This last year have been amazing, I’ve worked so hard, and finally thing went my way. When I got the invite for X games Aspen I didn’t know what to say or do. I was shocked! Just being in Aspen, training at the best course ever, meeting so many amazing peoples, it was the craziest week I’ve ever had. And at the end, winning the gold medal was unbelievable. I also got my revenge in Euro x a few weeks later when I got 2 place.

You feel pressure now that everyone is expecting good results from you?

Off course I feel pressure. A year ago, no one knew me. No one expected anything from me and I would never think of living the life I’m living today! Every day I’m getting better and better at handling pressure, and the more competition experience I get, the better I get at handling pressure.

How much mental strength you need to compete at this level?

A lot. It´s a mental game. U can be the best skier in the world, but at the same time lose every competition you´re competing in. It´s only in your head. I work a lot with mental strength, and it´s one of the most important things in this sport.

When you have some days off skiing what are you doin’?

When i´m not skiing I love to hang out with friends, do fun activities or just relax. When i´m home, at my parents house, I’m usually in the stable taking care of my horse or going on mountain hikes.

What is skiing for you?

Skiing is everything! I´ve been skiing since I was 1,5 years old, and I can´t imagine a life without skiing. Whenever I ski, I feel free, free to do what ever I want to do. No one can tell me if it´s right or wrong, there’s no limits.

Sometimes isn’t competing annoying?

I won’t say it’s annoying. If it was, I wouldn’t be competing. I love it, and the feeling u get when you´re standing on top of the podium is the best feeling ever.

Which are the best spots in the different continents?

Breckenridge in USA, Cardrona in New Zealand, Whistler in Canada!

How much of your personality is in your skiing?

All of it! Skiing is a way to express yourself, and I feel like my whole personality is shown in the way I ski.

What are your projects for this season?

This season my biggest goal is the Olympics. There is a lot of other important competitions and projects too, but since this is our first Olympics and it´s only every forth year, a lot of our focus is on the Olympics. Other than this I just want to ski, have fun, travel, explore and hopefully film some more after the Olympics.

What is the story of the beers and your 18th birthday?

Haha, me and my dad had a deal that if I didn´t drink alcohol before I was 18, he would sponsor me with a car.

Tiril Sjåstad’s choice
KR Kryzma I.D.

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