Dalbello DB Team


Name:Jackie Paaso Nationality:USA Team:DB National Style:Freeride

Clame of Fame

In 2010 I dropped a cliff that was bigger than all the boys earning me a score higher than all the men and women at the 3rd stop of the Freeride World Tour.


Born: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Hometown/where you learned to ski: Bethel, Maine/ Sunday River Ski Resort
Age when you started skiing: 4
Skiing Background: I started out as a mogul skier for the U.S. development team. I was Jr. World Champion in 2001
Breakthrough Moment: In 2008 I was the first woman in 11 years to win the Sickbird award at a U.S. freeskiing event.
Favorite Terrain: Steep, with lots of cliffs!
Dream Conditions: Deep pow and a sunny California day!
Riding Style: Fast and fluid with some drops in between.
The Best Thing About Skiing: Getting out and exploring some of the most beautiful terrain in the World!
The Worst Thing About Skiing: Losing friends.
The Best Training For Skiing: DH mountain biking!
Worst Injury from Skiing: Two years ago I kneed myself in the face. Somehow I did not break anything, but my face swelled up like you wouldn’t believe. I can still feel the scare tissue from that, and now I have dimples!
What is freeskiing for u? Getting out there and skiing what I find the most fun and challenging.
Is freeskiing evolving and what are the trends u see coming next season? I believe that freeskiing is evolving. People are doing crazier lines and incorporating freestyle into their runs. I think we will start to see a lot more tricks in freeskiing this upcoming season.
What is Dalbello for you ? No joke, the best ski boots ever!!! Your boots I think are the most important part of your skiing equipment. They are the most comfortable and responsive boots I have ever skied on. I love them!
Describe a perfect day on the mountain, no limits, just dreaming: A sunny powder day with Squaw Valley being open just for my friends and me!
Superstitions: I can’t say I have any…
Favorite Music: Anything that sounds good to my ear.
Favorite Band: Oh man, that’s a tough one. If I had to pick I guess it would be Pinback.
Favorite Movie: Boondock Saints
Favorite Ski Flick: Blizzard of Ahhhs, ha does anybody else remember that one?
Video Game System: I can’t stand video games. I’d rather be outside.
Other Toys: My bikes, I love them.
Other Sports/Activities: Any kind of biking, backpacking and just being outside and exploring.
Advice: Get out there and push yourself, but don’t forget your limits.


Kr 2 Chakra

Kr 2 Chakra


Dalbello DB Team