Dalbello DB Team


Name:Florain Wieser Nationality:Austria Team:DB National Style:Freestyle

Clame of Fame

freestyle.ch 05


Born: 28.12.84
Hometown/where you learned to ski: Schladming
Age when you started skiing: I was three mini years old
Skiing Background: surrounded by mountains
Breakthrough Moment: my first backflip
Favorite Terrain: Dachstein Tauern
Dream Conditions: blue bird and snow
Riding Style: decide yourself
The Best Thing About Skiing: Too many opportunities
The Best Training For Skiing: Trampolin, Skating, Waterramp, Bagjump…..
Worst Injury from Skiing: Broken arm.
What is freeskiing for u? my live
Is freeskiing evolving and what are the trends u see coming next season? Its all about doubles. Some creazy guys will show us some tribles
What is Dalbello for you ? A dame nice boot
Describe a perfect day on the mountain, no limits, just dreaming: yea
Favorite Music: almost everithing
Favorite Band: Right now I listen to dub fx. check out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhBoR_tgXCI
Favorite Movie: The last movie were I went two times in the cinema was Avatar.
Video Game System: Ps3, red dead redemption
Other Toys: 12.5 m2 speedglider and a 35 pf arrow
Other Sports/Activities: speedflying, arrow shooting, climbing, working
Advice: Take care have fun!


Il Moro "T" I.D.

Il Moro "T" I.D.


Dalbello DB Team