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Name:Jeremy Benson Nationality:USA Team:DB National Style:

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What would be your perfect day? My perfect day would be 20 inches of fresh Tahoe pow, boundless energy with the boys in the backcountry skiing lines in the sunshine.
Where and how do you most like to chill out? My favorite place to chill out is at my house on my couch with a cold beer
What’s your personal definition of happiness? Standing on a mountain top with no one else around and nothing to do but ski powder…
What do you get passionate about? Skiing, Mountain biking, having free time to do what I want. The environment…
What made you want to become a pro-athlete? I really wanted to find a way to justify taking off my winters to ski full time. Also, my best friend died at 24 years old and I decided to pursue my passion and nothing else.
Finish this sentence: „A dream I still have is .....“ to be on the cover of a magazine, and to make enough money skiing that I can take the entire year to ski around the world.
What or who has most influenced your skiing style? Fat Skis! They changed my life.
What’s the most exciting thing about freeskiing/new school skiing? The new and innovative fat ski shapes and concepts, they are taking off piste skiing to new levels every year, making difficult skiing mundane and easy.
What are the best and worst things about being a pro-skier? Worst: Sometimes it feels like people are always watching you, expecting you to do rad things all the time, and sometimes you just want to chill and go skiing. Best: Being able to ski all day every day whenever you want. Having people want to take your picture.
Danger often plays a part in what you do. How do you deal with it? With skiing as with many sports, the risk creates the reward. The danger is what makes a lot of what we do exciting… Dealing with the danger is essential and all of your risks must be calculated. Sometimes you have to back off the throttle and ski low angle pow, and sometimes everything is a go. It is very important to be able to differentiate between the two and take care of business when the time is right.
What sports come in as second best to skiing? Mountain Biking! Its my summer replacement for skiing. Its what I do to stay in shape for skiing and to keep me busy during those long summer days.
What advice would you give to a rookie starting out? Generally, opportunities in professional skiing aren’t handed to you, it is hard work to get and maintain sponsorships and get in published photos and videos, like anything else you get back what you put into it…
What do you get up to when you’re not skiing? Trouble and lots of it. Mostly I try to rest up for more skiing, I watch a little TV, drink a few beers, the usual.
What’s your favorite place in the whole wide world? (e.g. museum/ club etc …) Anywhere that I’m clicked into my skis standing on smooth snow.
Anything else people should know about you? I’m very competitive and I would like to race you uphill on a bike, or on skins…
Music: Anything as long as its good.
Meal: Sushi, definitely sushi!
Film/DVD: Big Lebowski, all-time classic
Mountain/Resort: Alpine Meadows, of course. Anywhere in the backcountry that the snow is good!
Favorite website: Weather, www.wrh.noaa.gov


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