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Name:Mirjam Jaeger Nationality:Swiss Team:DB International Style:Freestyle

Clame of Fame

HP 2010 : 3rd WSI Whistler BC, Canada HP 2009 : 1st Winter Games NZ HP 2008 : 3rd World Cup France - 2nd US Open - 2nd X-Games Aspen, CO, Usa HP 2007: 2nd NewZealand Open - Snowpark, NZ - 3rd Nippon Open, Japan - 3rd European Open Laax - 5th X-Games, Aspen, CO, USA


Born: 09/11/82 in Zurich, Switzerland
Hometown/where you learned to ski: I learned how to ski in different ski resorts in Switzerland but now I live in La Clusaz, France
Age when you started skiing: at the age of 2
1st Time Skiing: hahaha…hmmmm seriously the only thing my parents told me is that I crashed into a car cause I didn’t know how to break if not I mean I can’t remember anything
Skiing Background: actually I switched to snowboarding at the age of 9 and then back to skiing at the age of 22 so I took my moves from snowboarding to skiing;-)
Breakthrough Moment: getting invited for the 2007 X-Games
Favourite Terrain: Park, especially Pipe
Dream Conditions: Having a perfect park shaped every day and at the same time fresh powpow to ski in before I go ride the park
Riding Style: wow…hopefully smooth….
The Best Thing About Skiing: Having fun
The Worst Thing About Skiing: Injuries
The Best Training For Skiing: skiing itself and other sports besides that
Worst Injury from Skiing: I’ve actually always been kind of lucky and hurt myself while doing other sports than skiing ….the worst thing would maybe be that I broke my thumbs ligaments or that my lips got hit by one of my poles that split them in two…;-)
Superstitions: haha…well yeah I only put on stickers on my left ski, never on my right one
Favourite Music: Rock, Hip Hop, and Electro
Favourite Band: not a specific one there are too many bands that rock….
Favourite Movie: Meet the Parents and Meet the Fuckers
Favourite Ski Flick: What the heck is a Flick?????
Video Game System: I prefer to go shopping I’m a girl …!!!
Other Toys: My cat Ozzy, my I-pod and boys…
Other Sports/Activities: Jogging, Tennis, Dancing, Snowboarding, Gym


Il Moro "T" I.D.

Il Moro "T" I.D.


Dalbello DB Team