As a global sports company, our aspiration is to build sustainable, economically successful and fascinating product and brand worlds. To do this, we always draw on our long tradition and years of experience, and the drive and motivation of MDV employees worldwide. Our teams enthusiastically innovate every day to meet the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s customers, and to develop the best possible products for this wonderful sport we all live and love.

We’re firmly convinced that only sustainable business is right. It is our mission as a company to protect the world we live in and the people who work for us, and to contribute towards a more balanced relationship between humanity and the environment.

“As President of MDV Sports it is my duty and mission to take care of our customers, but also to ensure the best possible working environment for our employees worldwide, and that’s something I work on every day.
At the heart of everything we do is the motivation of our workforce and it is our team who have made MDV Sports what it is today and will be in the future.

We love the natural world, we love our sport, and we love our job of providing winter sports enthusiasts with the products that best suit their needs. In this context, tradition and values are a crucial part of what drives us. Not only do we want to offer our employees a healthy, fair and respectful working environment, we also strive to be a company our customers, fans and partners can rely on.

I would like to invite you to learn more about the values, missions and visions embodied in our Brand Promises. We’re responsible for our environment, for people, and for a sustainable coexistence on this wonderful planet.”

Jonathan Wiant
President MDV Sports




Long-term, reliable, trusting cooperation with distributors, retailers, customers, suppliers, investors and partners – based on a collaborative value creation concept – is fundamental to harmoniously surmounting the challenges and complexity of today’s world. MDV Sports always strives to act as a strong partner and to maintain and confirm the trust of all its stakeholders —including the retailers representing our brands to the end consumer.
Whether advancing our services, constantly improving and investing in machinery, innovating new products and initiatives, optimising internal and external processes, or maintaining the utmost quality standards, we work diligently to be an excellent partner to our customers.
Our innovative spirit, respect of our partners and channel management, and our quality standards are important aspects of our promise to be the best partner in the skiing industry.




We take care of our family. Almost 2,000 people belong to the MDV Sports family throughout the world. As a company, we are responsible for providing a safe, fair and healthy working environment. It’s a responsibility we take very seriously. Respect, appreciation, fairness, transparency, open communication and flexibility are not just words to us; they make up the company’s DNA. Our globally represented MDV family is a colourful one characterised by different cultures, nationalities, ethnicities and genders. This family forms the foundation of MDV’s value culture.

Marker (Penzberg, Germany), Dalbello (Asolo, Italy) and Völkl (Straubing, Germany) are important regional employers. Strong local roots mean we support regional institutions and initiatives and have a responsibility towards them. Marker in Penzberg, for instance, supports a range of sports clubs and other non-profit organisations. In addition, the Marker production facility in Kostelec (CZ) has been a reliable partner to the town’s volunteer fire brigade for years.

Völkl and Dalbello also actively express their ties to their regions and work beyond their respective company premises, providing local financial support (e.g. Völkl supports the ‘Freude durch Helfen’ organisation in Straubing).

We offer apprenticeships in various professional fields at all MDV companies, as well as work student programs and internships and also encourage our employees to participate in training to enable them to increase their skills in serving our customers.

We actively invest in these local facilities ensuring their continued competitiveness and relevance in our industries and communities.



MDV Planet Promise


We love our sport and we love the landscapes that allow us to ski. It is our corporate duty to protect the environment and act sustainably in it.
We constantly strive to minimise the negative impact of our business on the environment. We have to.

A brief overview of our current activities & projects:

Reducing energy utilizing intelligent control systems

By constantly optimising production, we have reduced the energy consumed per binding
Figures 2019:
Power: 0.699 kW/pair
Natural gas: 0.089 m³/pair
Water: 1.602 l/pair

Recycling OF materials

(Cardboard boxes, packaging foils,
adhesive tape, other plastic
non-standard wooden pallets)


Redesigning packaging and reducing prototypes 

In 2020, we reduced our paper waste by 10 tons just by introducing new packaging projects.

100% European resources

Transport within our supply chains results mainly from the distances between our German, Italian and regional suppliers, who make up the majority of our partners.
Average transport distance per supplier 2019: 558 km

Overall consumption analysis to reduce energy demand

Target: -30% of energy costs by 2023 = -0.9 kg CO₂ per boot

Recycling OF materials

An average of 20% of new ski boot resin is recovered from the recycling programme.


Dalbello is a key partner in two new research projects

Repair 3D: research into new recycling methods and the use of plastic waste, e.g. 3D printed boots/components

Life: An EU project – Cooperation with Dalbello’s liner production in Bulgaria and Asolo to recover and recycle liner materials.


96% European suppliers

2019: The average distance within our European supply chain was 112 km

Production in Germany

This gives us a unique selling point
in the ski industry

100% free of dichloromethane
Using intelligent control systems and energy-saving devices

€120,000 saving in 2019 energy consumption

Installation of a high-efficiency heat exchanger

290 tons less CO₂ in 2019

Recycling OF materials

(e.g. wood, protective film, paper, cardboard, plastic waste, titanium chips, aluminium chips, grinding stones, blasting sand)


100% European resources

2019: The average distance within our European supply chain was 340 km

Grinding and base/edge preparation:

Water filtration speed improved to
80.000 liters/hour.
Reduced water waste from 5-6 complete water renewals annually to 2 renewals per year.



is not just a marketing claim for MDV Sports.
All brand-specific activities and projects of Marker, Dalbello and Völkl are united behind this topic.

We at MDV Sports truly believe that when it comes to sustainability EVERY step - no matter if it is a small or big step - is an important step in the right direction.

To learn more about the sustainability of our companies, click on the logos BELOW:

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