High performance has never felt so comfortable.

The anatomical contours of the inside sidewalls of the boot-shell, as well as the innerboot lasts, are precisely “mapped” to the shape of the typical high performance skier’s foot.

A little extra “space” is molded into the inside of the boot shell at 4 critical fit points: ankle, heel, 5th metatarsal & navicular. Out of the box, Contour 4 Technology boots delivers all the comfort, precision, and control of a close fitting, low volume, high performance ski boots that have been “punched” and/or “stretched” by a custom bootfitter with minimal need for “punching” or “stretching”.

FIT out of the box


Immediate great fit thanks to precise mapping of the anatomical contours to the shape of the typical skier's foot. Integrated in every My Fit boot.

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