THE NEW STANDARD of sustainability
in the ski boot industry

Dalbello announces a ski boot series made with recycled materials for the global retail market with the new Green Menace and Green Gaia models for 2022/23.

This makes the ski boot manufacturer from Asolo, Italy, a pioneer, having developed the most sustainable ski boot in the industry so far with state-of-the-art elements in terms of eco-design.

The result is the launch of green boots that are made of recycled materials comprising up to 90 percent of their weight. 100 % of the boots will be recyclable at the end of life.

For project REBOOT, the plastic shell and cuff components of the green boots are made of recaptured plastics and 100 % recycled materials recovered directly from production at Dalbello.

When injecting a plastic ski boot component, the tubes that inject the liquid plastic into the molds solidify, becoming plastic scrap. Dalbello captures this scrap and grinds it to be reinjected, making new boots out of their own scrap. 

Fabric and foams for the liners are also composed of 100 percent recycled materials, certified by each supplier. These include TPU foams from reground material for the lining, recycled EVA for the collar of the liner, and recycled polyester. In all, up to 90 percent of each liner’s weight consists of recovered material.

The buckles for the boots are made of aluminum and steel, both 100 percent recyclable materials. Dalbello therefore uses sustainably produced buckles for the green boot models. This includes a low temperature powder coating that requires 35 percent less energy and a chemical-free polishing of the aluminum, both processes certified by the supplier.

Green Menace & Green Gaia

The new sustainable Green Menace and Green Gaia models consist of four models each. The junior boots are for young skiers from different ages and levels who want to discover skiing. Thus, Dalbello has created recycled boots for a group that outgrows ski boots quickly, resulting in a shorter product life cycle. To reduce the impact on the environment, Dalbello has made it its mission to shift production to almost completely recycled materials on these high-volume models.  

What's inside?


The shell and the cuff are manufactured using selected plastics from our own internal production waste


The soles are made from recycled materials


The buckles are made from aluminium and steel, both recyclable materials. In addition, the coating applied uses a low-temperature powder that requires 35% less energy


The Velcro strap and label on it are made using 100% recycled materials, certified by the supplier


Recycled EVA, certified by the supplier, providing the necessary support

The padding is made from recycled agglomerated materials (polyurethane)

The insole is cut from an innovative sheet of agglomerated polyurethane coupled with felt, all 100% recycled

The upper is obtained from cuttings of the innovative recycled polyurethane (material certified by the supplier)

Attention to detail! Even the sewing thread is certified recycled polyamide

The internal lining is made using recycled polyester


Produced using recycled polyester, certified by the supplier

Green Menace 1
Green Menace 2
Green Menace 3
Green Menace 4
Green Gaia 1
Green Gaia 2
Green Gaia 3
Green Gaia 4

... the most sustainable ski boot in the industry so far!

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