First International Grab the Grip Day

Dalbello declares November 17, 2018 "International Grab the Grip Day".

On November 17th, 2018 Every customer who buys a pair of 18/19 model Dalbello GRIPWALK compatible boots will get a pair of GripWalk soles for free!

What is GripWalk?

Walking in ski boots can be awkward and challenging, but with GripWalk soles installed on your Dalbello boots, it's much easier and more comfortable. GripWalk boot soles are made of a copolymer rubber material, and have a special rounded shape that makes your walking motion more natural. A deep lug pattern in the sole also aids in providing better traction. For one day only we plan to give this upgrade to you at no charge!

Benefits of GripWalk:

  • BETTER GRIP thanks to the high profile, slip-resistant sole tread
  • INCREASED WALKING COMFORT and improved natural stride, thanks to the curved rubber sole
  • COMPATIBILITY with all GripWalk and multi-norm bindings from Marker. This includes the vast majority of Marker binding models.

This promotion covers Dalbello brand boot models only -  check our Store Locator for a Dalbello retailer near you. GripWalk soles are compatible with 90% of 18/19 model Dalbello ski boots. Your retailer will make sure that GripWalk soles are compatible with your boots and ski/binding setup. GripWalk sole kits will be shipped to your Dalbello retailer in the days following November 17 for you to pick up at the store. (No home delivery of Sole Kits)


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