The revolution in ski boot soles

Easy Going with Gripwalk


Walking in ski boots can be a rather slippery affair on some surfaces. But the new GripWalk sole and binding system turns a conventional ski boot into a real performance miracle. This is particularly achieved by the excellent grip, rounded high profile soles and the GripWalk binding components perfectly tailored to them.

Made of a new type of copolymer rubber material, the convex rib delivers outstanding walking comfort and superb grip on slippery surfaces. Furthermore, the sole pads, which can be replaced separately, ensure perfect power transfer around the toes and heel as well as a precise release. As long as you use an original GripWalk binding or a 100% compatible touring binding which you can identify by the official GripWalk logo. Unfortunately, conventional Alpine bindings without a logo are not compatible.

One GripWalk system – lots of benefits

Excellent grip for walking

Pronounced rib profile
Non-slip material
Perfect grip

Ergonomic sole

Natural walking feeling
Rounded sole profile
Improved rolling properties

Innovative GripWalk system

GripWalk binding compatible with both GripWalk sole and also with Alpine soles (ISO 5355)
No height adjustment required
Replaceable toe & heel pads



GripWalk ISO 23223 "A"

The all-rounder – for everyone


The numerous GripWalk partners can provide bespoke GripWalk soles for your ski boot model to ensure greater safety, a great skiing experience and top walking comfort. As the stable pads are secured with screws, they can be replaced quickly and easily when they become worn.

GripWalk ISO 23223 "C"

The Youngster - smooth walking for the little ones


So that kids can concentrate fully on having fun in the snow, GripWalk soles are now also available for small ski boot sizes. So that junior skiers don't have to struggle with the difficulties of walking in the first place, selected brands now also offer GripWalk C for the smallest ones!



Highly improved grip and optimized walking comfort due to the approved rubber sole material!

Especially for all demanding touring and freeride LUPO enthusiasts Dalbello developed new GripWalk®soles with Vibram®. The well known and approved VIBRAM® rubber material now covers the GripWalk® heel and toe soles which provides far more grip and safer walking even in demanding conditions. Of course, step-in comfort and release functions are still untouched due to anti-friction bars underneath the heel. 

Lupo Collection

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