Andri Ragettli


Stemming from Laax, the undisputed freestyle capitol of Switzerland, and born into a freeski family – he has both an older sister and an older brother who are successful freeski pros in their own right – it was kind of unavoidable that Andri Ragettli would become a great freestyle skier. Nevertheless, it is mind-blowing how quickly he has moved to the forefront of the freeski scene. Andri, who embraces every action sport his hometown has to offer from skating to mountain biking, continues to progress at this pace, there seems to be no limit to his potential.


Date of birth
Home mountain
I am not here to be average.
Slopestyle, Big Air
Skiing, biking, playing Tennis, Trampoline
Top results

•World Champion in Slopestyle 2021

•3 X-Games Gold medals

•10 worldcup victories 

•23 worldcup podiums

•4 Crystal Globes in Slopestyle

•1 Crystal Globe in Big-Air


Rider's Videos


1. Favorite Dalbello Boot
Il moro
2. What do you use this boot for?
Skiing park and competitions sometimes for powder too
3. Why do you like this boot?
The boot is soft and comfortable
4. Why do you like being a part of the Dalbello team?
Because i love the boots of dalbello
5. How long have you been riding for Dalbello?
Since 2011

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