Madison Rose Ostergren

All Mountain, Freeride

Skier, mountain lover, muffin maker, ukulele player.
Madison is a professional big mountain skier and four-season outdoor athlete, based in Jackson Hole, WY and Salt Lake City, UT.
Featured in outdoor and skiing media and print publications: Powder Magazine, Backcountry Magazine, Freeskier Magazine and Outside Magazine.
Featured in Warren Miller Entertainment's 72nd Annual Film, "Winter Starts Now."
Madison strives to tell genuine stories, connect with others and inspire people to showcase their authentic selfs.


Date of birth
United States
Home mountain
Alta Ski Area, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort
Be Kind. Give love. Live beautifully hard. Accept where you are. Be present.
Big Mountain Skiing
Skiing, Climbing, Mountain Running, Dancing, Music


1. Why do you like being a part of the Dalbello team?
I am really excited to be a part of the Dalbello team this season!
2. How long have you been riding for Dalbello?
This is my first year with the Dalbello team!
3. What age did you start skiing? 
I started skiing when I was 5 years old, on a small, only tow rope, hill called Hickory Hills, in Traverse City, Michig.
4. Biggest breakthrough in your ski career
I think one of my professional breakouts in my ski career was getting two photos published in the last ever Powder Magazine Photo Annual - the reason this felt so special was because I had worked really hard with many phenomenal and seasoned professional ski photographers for 2 years, with the goal to get published in a printed Powder Magazine. So when I was notified that I had 2 photos published in the last ever printed Powder Magazine, a magazine I had idolized and dreamt about for years, I was over the moon with excitement. It felt like the hard work and dedication had payed off and that I had more or less “made the cut.” Another professional breakout was landing the cover Backcountry Magazine, something I had only wished and dreamt about but never expected. Being asked to ski in the 72nd Warren Miller Entertainment film was another huge milestone for me. Personal breakouts for me have been more of a steady and ongoing process. Moving to Jackson, Wy, to test my skills and abilities as a skier in a completely new and different environment has been a big personal life change and new chapter for me , as I knew that if I wanted to expand my skiing and knowledge I needed to expand my horizons beyond Salt Lake City (but to be totally honest SLC, little cottonwood and big cottonwood) are amazing places and I absolutely love it there and there are many many objectives, peaks, and ski lines there that I have not done that I would love to do). I think moving to Jackson was a personal breakthrough for me as I am now able to try something new, with different mountains, a different scene, and different people to learn and grow with.
5. Favorite Place to ride
My favorite place to ski… anywhere where my friends are… that’s what fires me up the most. Nothing beats shredding with your friends. But if we are talking about locations I would have to say Alta Ski Area, the Alta magic and family there is hard to beat. Also Jackson Hole, the place is no joke and a total scene. Snowbird, because utah powder is the best.

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