Markus Salcher


Markus Salcher is an Austrian alpine skier and Paralympic Champion. The Austrian carries alpine skiing in his blood. His father was a coach of the Austrian team at Torino 2006 and his brother Moritz also competes in alpine skiing for an Austrian sports club.

Due to the sportive background of his family Markus’ first attempts on skis were undertaken early in life. At the age of only three years the first turns on skis were carved into the snow. First contacts to the field of professional disabled sports were made during the winter of 2000. Since the 2003 / 2004 winter season Markus has been an active athlete member of various teams of the Austrian Skiing Federation (ÖSV). In addition to Markus' personal ambition and self-motivation, the Sports-High School (SSLK Klagenfurt) needs to be credited with a big share in the development of the young athlete's personal and athletic skills, from first semi-professional training programs to the acceptance into Austria’s National Skiing Team. He competed in the 2014 Winter Paralympics in Sochi, Russia, where he won two gold medals and one bronze medal as well as two bronze medals in Pyeongchang 2018.


Date of birth
Home mountain
SV Tröpolach
Alpine Ski Racing
Cycling, Swimming, Socialising
Top results


  • Gold Medal: Downhill, Sochi 2014
  • Gold Medal: Super-G, Sochi 2014
  • Bronze Medal: Giant Slalom, Sochi 2014
  • Bronze Medal: Downhill, Pyeongchang 2018
  • Bronze Medal: Super-G, Pyeongchang 2018

World Championships

  • Gold Medal: Downhill, Tarvisio 2017
  • Gold Medal: Super-G, Tarvisio 2017
  • Gold Medal: Downhill, La Molina 2013
  • Gold Medal: Super-G, La Molina 2013
  • Silver Medal: Downhill, Sella Nevea 2019
  • Silver Medal: Giant Slalom, Panorama 2015
  • Silver Medal: Alpine Combined, Panorama 2015
  • Bronze Medal: Super-G, Sella Nevea 2019
  • Bronze Medal: Alpine Combined, Tarvisio 2017

World Cup

  • Downhill and Super-G: 1st place
  • Overall: 2nd place


  • Downhill and Super-G: 1st place


  • Downhill and Super-G: 1st place
  • Overall: 2nd place


  • Overall: 1st place
  • Downhill: 1st place
  • Super-G: 1st place

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