Matt Monod


Growing up in Canmore has exposed me to mountain culture like no where else would. Taught as a ski racer and now stepping into alpine climbing in the summer, I hope to check some classic and not so classic lines off my list of objectives. Touring hotspot is along highway 93N. There are so many cool alpine features to ski and climb.. Although some of them are deceivingly far away the Alpinist will surely get me there faster and without any technical failures.


Date of birth
Home mountain
Lake Louise
Top results

3rd place Slalom National JR championships.  


1. Favorite Dalbello Boot
Lupo 130ti
2. What do you use this boot for?
Resort smashing and touring
3. Why do you like this boot?
It's the best of both worlds
4. Why do you like being a part of the Dalbello team?
They make the best product.
5. How long have you been riding for Dalbello?
I've been riding on Dalbellos for 3 years

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