Dalbello is an Italian ski boot specialist founded in 1974 by Alessandro Dal Bello, a true shoemaker. Being located next to the mountains in a place called Asolo, we are the only manufacturer that still produces every single boot in its own factory here in Italy.



Italian sensitivity for unique and advanced design, technological solutions and the passion for the boot made Dalbello a top performing brand, winning 10 Olympic medals in 2014 and supporting top athletes in freeriding and world cup racing.

Behind the victories is a huge team of outstanding athletes who have a lot of influence on the product and its performance. Their experience and daily use lead to a permanent progression and continuous improvements. The team works very close with our inhouse engineers and designers and is a true member of the global Dalbello family.

The power of our "Italian family" is an important part of our corporate culture. We are very proud about these unique values and the people supporting our ideas and vision.


Come join us in the mountains!

With new technologies and fitting systems, Dalbello will elevate performance and comfort of the ski boot to the highest level. Product advantages, continuous victories in all disciplines and ambitious marketing efforts will make Dalbello one of the  best selling ski boot brands by 2020.

More top level athletes, plus a continuously growing team of engineers and highly qualified employees, will redefine the way ski boots are designed and produced in the future. Better comfort, function, performance, and details to ease the handling and adjustability of the boot will evolve through new technologies, materials, and the unique Italian design and commitment to quality.



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