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A robust yet lightweight freeride touring boot for that epic backcountry experience. Its tongue-less cabrio construction with a wider last is built using a pioneering Grilamid material blend. It offers excellent fit and freedom of movement for ascents, and consistently impressive comfort and performance on the way back down.

Art-No.: D2107005.00
Color: Dark Grey/Black



Rider Level




On Piste

Off Piste

The Lupo MX 120 is made for demanding freeride tourers who want light weight, a wider footbed, lots of comfort and fantastic performance on the descent. Two ratchet buckles and an improved cable attachment system have reduced its weight and improved its handling, while ensuring a perfect fit. The innovatively designed, super-comfy ID Light liner closes tightly, improves support and makes it easier to get in and out of the boot. The Lupo MX 120 is very durable, feels light to wear, and transfers all of your energy directly to the edge thanks to its wide Hyper Strap and interlock system. Pre-fitted GripWalk soles deliver plenty of comfort and grip when walking and climbing.


1500 g


UNI 245-295

Size Run

Half sizes only






102 mm




Cable Buckle



Dalbello Fit Category


Cabrio Design

Dalbello's unique Cabrio construction combines a boot shell/boot cuff assembly with an external Kinetic Response Tongue closure which enables a smoother and progressive power transmission same as great shock absorption. Furthermore the long range of flex and a dynamic rebound are characteristic of the Cabrio Construction. Besides the Kinetic Response Tongue, the Dynalink heel retention, the Hike/Ride mechanism and the Inverted Forefoot Buckles are matching perfectly together to make this construction the best versatile and flexible partner in all kind of terrain, especially the backcountry and the park!


The revolutionary sole-binding system for walking comfort and skiing performance.

GripWalk contains a new co-polymer sole with rocker profile. The convex shape and ribbed tread of the rubber add a lot of walking comfort and provide a much better grip. GripWalk soles are the perfect tuning parts designed for 90% of the Dalbello boot collection and don't require any height adjustment at GripWalk bindings.

Contour 4

Exclusive Dalbello construction technology that maps the anatomical contours of the foot.

Exclusive Dalbello construction technology that maps the anatomical contours of the foot to create subtle “comfort zones” at 4 critical fit points: ankle, heel, 5th metatarsal, & navicular. Relief contours molded into the inside lower shell at these 4 points provide a close and accurate fit and minimize the need for shell modifications.

Quick Removable Tongue

Taken away easily with only one hand, the removed tongue offers endless forward lean movement while hiking and great skiing performance for downhilling due to it’s flex.

ID Liner

For high sportive skiers - 100% customizable.

The 100% customizable ID liners are thermo formable in only 6 - 12 minutes. They are the lightest and warmest liners for high sportive skiers and offer immediate response and energy transmission.

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