The new sole-binding system for better walking comfort AND top skiing performance

Easy Going with Gripwalk


Walking in ski boots always was difficult and somehow dangerous. GripWalk® is the revolutionary sole-binding innovation that provides much better walking comfort and improved grip.

GripWalk® soles with rocker profile are completely covered with a high friction material for better grip on any surface. Integrated anti friction bars enable a very direct and effective power transmission to the binding. GripWalk® soles are the perfect tuning parts designed for 90% of all Dalbello ski boots.


Better walking grip

High-profiled slip-resistant sole

walking comfort

Increased walking comfort and improved natural roll thanks to curved rubber sole

No height Adjustment

Compatible with all GripWalk bindings

GripWalk Junior for Dalbello kids boots

Parents know how often kids slip and slide when walking in ski boots. For a better day of skiing with even more fun Dalbello now offers GripWalk soles for juniors, too! We were the first company offering GripWalk® even for kids and junior boots! Introducing GripWalk Junior, the sole-binding system provides the same improved walking comfort and grip as the adults version. 

GripWalk Junior



Highly improved grip and optimized walking comfort due to the approved rubber sole material!

Especially for all demanding touring and freeride LUPO enthusiasts Dalbello developed new GripWalk®soles with Vibram®. The well known and approved VIBRAM® rubber material now covers the GripWalk® heel and toe soles which provides far more grip and safer walking even in demanding conditions. Of course, step-in comfort and release functions are still untouched due to anti-friction bars underneath the heel. 

Lupo Collection

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