• Can I get a sponsorship and how?

    For the first step towards sponsorship meet your local dealer or sales rep to find out if there is an opportunity of getting sponsored in your area. If you already have some achievements in various competitions or you already collected some video material, then you can contact our national sales department.

  • Dalbello’s “Fit for Women” program features ski models that have been specifically engineered for women. How are Dalbello women’s ski boots different from Dalbello men’s ski boots?

    All Dalbello boots “Fit For Women” feature the following women’s only characteristics:
    1) All women’s model cuffs are injected with softer, more flexible plastics
    2) Women’s DRS, Krypton, Avanti W, Luna, Avanti AX W, and Kyra models feature unique cuff geometries that are lower in overall height than men’s cuffs in
    corresponding models.
    3) All Dalbello women’s innerboots are lower in overall height than men’s innerboots.
    4) All Dalbello women’s innerboots are lasted for women’s feet. They are narrower in the rearfoot, and have a more extreme taper angle from forefoot
    to rearfoot.
    5) All womens innerboots are constructed with more padding to reduce volume, accommodate lower volume feet, and add insulation.
    6) Women’s models in Kyra, Aspire and Luna series feature boot top circumference expansion adjustability.

  • How can I avoid getting cold feet?

    1) Make sure your boots are dry at the beginning of each ski day. Remove wet innerboots at night to dry them, but NEVER DRY INNERBOOTS ON A RADIATOR, FIREPLACE, OR ANY OTHER SOURCE OF EXCESS HEAT.
    2) Avoid wearing multiple pairs of socks. One pair of high performance, technical ski socks is sufficient.
    3) If your foot perspires excessively, change into a dry pair of socks at midday.
    4) To keep your feet warm and dry, always wear clean socks. The moisture wicking function of the socks is best when they are clean.
    5) Have your boot fit checked by an expert. Too big? Too small? Pressure Points ? Is the blood circulation being restricted? Consider a custom footbed..
    6) Install an electronic insole footwarmer.

  • How can I verify that the ski boot size I have selected is correct ?

    Most Dalbello ski boots are built on the MONDOPOINT sizing scale (DRS models are built on the UK sizing standard). Mondopoint sizes can be converted to correspond closely to European, UK, and USA sizes.

    Size numbers are, unfortunately, only a starting point for selecting the correct size. There is a commonly used method, or technique, in ski boot fitting to verify whether the ski boot size you have selected will match the foot you are trying to fit. That method is referred to as ‘SHELL SIZING”. Most boot fitting professionals will check “SHELL SIZING” before fitting the ski boot to the customer’s foot.

  • How do I contact headquarters?

    To contact our headquarters, please send us an email at info@dalbello.it

  • How do I get a spare parts for my Dalbello boots?

    Regarding the spare part, please contact your local dealer at which you bought the boots.

  • How do I store my boot liner during the summer?

    Is Ok to remove and dry the liner for up to a week in the shade. It is up to you if you decide to put it back or leave out of the boot, there is no difference.

  • How do I wash my boot liner?

    We would not recommend to wash the liner in a washing machine because this can cause de-lamination in the padding. The best way is a hand wash with a sponge and soap , rinse with no problem with a good quantity of water. And drying it inside and not in the sun.

  • Who do I contact regarding a reclamation?

    Please contact your local dealer at which you bought the boots. They will handle this for you.

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