• Can I get a sponsorship and how?

    For the first step towards sponsorship meet your local dealer or sales rep to find out if there is an opportunity of getting sponsored in your area. If you already have some achievements in various competitions or you already collected some video material, then you can contact our national sales department.

  • How can I avoid getting cold feet?

    1) Make sure your boots are dry at the beginning of each ski day. Remove wet innerboots at night to dry them, but NEVER DRY INNERBOOTS ON A RADIATOR, FIREPLACE, OR ANY OTHER SOURCE OF EXCESS HEAT.
    2) Avoid wearing multiple pairs of socks. One pair of high performance, technical ski socks is sufficient.
    3) If your foot perspires excessively, change into a dry pair of socks at midday.
    4) To keep your feet warm and dry, always wear clean socks. The moisture wicking function of the socks is best when they are clean.
    5) Have your boot fit checked by an expert. Too big? Too small? Pressure Points ? Is the blood circulation being restricted? Consider a custom footbed..
    6) Install an electronic insole footwarmer.

  • How do I contact headquarters?

    To contact our headquarters, please send us an email at info@dalbello.it

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