Katrin Ofner


Hi, I am Katrin, living in Kobenz (Styria), study sports science and enjoy competing in Skicross. I detected my passion for Skicross at the age of 15 and from this time on it was my big goal to become a professional athlete. A few years later I became part of the Austrian Skicross Team and now I can look back at 3 starts at Olympic Games and more than 100 starts in Worldcup. Skicross excites me because every race and every run is a new challenge. When I race against three other girls everything can happen and I always have to be ready, focus about my skiing, concentrate on the upcoming elements on the course and need a clear view what the other girls are doing. When I am in the lead I try to defend my position and ski a more direct line. When I am behind in contrast I try to overtake by using the draft and skiing a more round line that helps me gaining more speed. I enjoy the thrill of racing and sometimes the first training run on a big Skicross course costs me quite an effort. But after finishing the first run I just want to do another run, because it's so hilarious.


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Improvement, commitment, progression, fun
Skier Cross
skiing, mountainbiking, being outside and active
Top results

9 podiums in Skicross Worldcup,

6th Olympic Games Sochi,

9th Olympic Games Pyeong Chang,

4th World Champs Deer Valley


1. Favorite Dalbello Boot
2. What do you use this boot for?
racing Skicross
3. Why do you like this boot?
on the one hand it is flexible and helps me with pressing rollers and jumps but on the other hand it gives me the stability to ski fast turns
4. Why do you like being a part of the Dalbello team?
the support is great and I get the chance to test different setups for different Skicross slopes, because some races are more technical and icy and other races are more about gliding and absorbing big jumps and rollers
5. How long have you been riding for Dalbello?
Since 2018/19

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