Mina Fürst Holtmann



Date of birth
Home mountain
Kvitfjell and Kirkerudbakken
Dreams don’t work without teamwork.
Slalom and Giant Slalom
Backcountry skiing, surfing, drawing, skating, hanging out with family and friends.
Top results

9th place slalom WC Semmering 2018/19. 10th place GS WC Soldeu 2018/19. Junior World Champion Downhill 2015.


1. Favorite Dalbello Boot
My favorite Dalbello boot is the DRS boot.
2. What do you use this boot for?
I use this boot for ski racing and training.
3. Why do you like this boot?
I like it because it is tight and comfortable. That makes the boot react the way I want.
4. Why do you like being a part of the Dalbello team?
I like being a part of the Dalbello team because they are really working hard to be make the best boots in the world, and they are great people.
5. How long have you been riding for Dalbello?
I have been riding for Dalbello for two years.

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