GripWalk Junior

Los padres saben con qué frecuencia los niños se resbalan al caminar con botas de esquí. Para un mejor día de esquí con más diversión, ¡Dalbello ahora también ofrece suelas GripWalk para niños!

Dalbello ha sido la primera marca en preocuparse por los jóvenes y sus problemas para caminar con botas de esquí. Al presentar GripWalk Junior, el sistema de fijación única proporciona el mismo confort y agarre para caminar que la versión para adultos.

Textura 3D Grip

Superficie texturizada a lo largo del arco del pie para un agarre adicional al pie, una transmisión de potencia más directa y una protección eficaz de la bota.


La nueva construcción POWERCAGE es la columna vertebral de refuerzo exterior revolucionaria de Dalbello para una mejor transmisión de potencia y un mejor rendimiento


The new sole-binding system for walking comfort and skiing performance, available in 90% of the Dalbello ski boots collection

GripWalk contains a new co-polymer sole with rocker profile. The convex shape and ribbed tread of the rubber add a lot of walking comfort and provide a much better grip. GripWalk soles are the perfect tuning parts designed for 90% of the Dalbello boot collection and don't require any height adjustment at GripWalk bindings.

My Fit

My new boot. Fits. Perfectly.

The Dalbello legendary fit got an upgrade in more than 60% of the boot range thanks to the My Fit System. As the most comprehensive fitting program, liner and shell can now be thermo customized in several levels additional to the pre-molded shell (Contour 4) which is included in every My Fit boot. To your individual specific needs of your foot - easy and quick!

Contour 4

Exclusive Dalbello construction technology that maps the anatomical contours of the foot.

Contour 4 creates subtle “comfort zones” at 4 critical fit points: ankle, heel, 5th metatarsal, & navicular. Relief contours molded into the inside lower shell at these 4 points provide a close and accurate fit and minimize the need for shell modifications.

Fit for Women

Dalbello’s Women’s Collection leadership.

Dalbello’s Women’s ski-boot line is developed by women. Woman technicians, designers and members of the Dalbello Freeski team are involved with product engineering and design. The finest Italian design technology assures the best dedicated women’s product in the world.


Dalbello's 2 piece Overlap and 3 piece Carbrio boot construction

Where is the difference and what are the advantages of each one?

Cabrio Design

This unique construction combines a 3 piece construction assembly.

The Cabrio design is a 3 piece construction - shell/cuff/tongue – that comfortably secures the foot and lower leg while optimizing smooth and progressive flexibility. Dalbello’s Cabrio models provide the ultimate in responsive performance to ski your best.

Overlap Design

2 Piece Architecture

This construction is used for traditional skiing style, primarily on-piste where extreme precision is needed.


Edge grip or power transfer – the riding performance lies in the shell. But it’s the liner that provides fit, hold, comfort and climate control.

Only through the interaction of liner and outer shell our Dalbello boots unlock their full potential. As different the requirements for each range of use may be, our liners are carefully and individually attuned to meet every rider’s demand.

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