Janina Kuzma


My career started out on the free ride scene. I competed on the US freeksi circuit and also on the FWT. When Halfpipe got accepted into the Olympics I decided to qualify and ended up in 5th Place. I've also been filming with Shades of Winter since 2013. I feel so lucky to be able do what I love as a job.

Datos informativos

Fecha de nacimiento
Lugar habitual de esquí
You only have one body. Be good to it!
Freeride, Freeski Halfpipe
Hiking, SUP, Biking
Mejores resultados

3rd overall FWT 2011,

5th Olympic Games Halfpipe 2014,

1st Overall Halfpipe Grand Prix Champion 2015,

1st Copepr Grand Prix 2015,

2nd overall FIS Halfpipe 2015,

2nd Overall AFP Halfpipe 2015,

3rd Mammoth Grand Prix 2016 


1. Bota Dalbello favorita
DRS Race boot
2. ¿Para qué utilizas esta bota?
Skiing Halfpipe/Freeride
3. ¿Por qué te gusta esta bota?
Its super stiff and responive and it also fits my narrow foot
4. ¿Por qué te gustaría formar parte del equipo Dalbello?
Because the boots fit my narrow foot and is super responsive which is what you need when skiing pipe
5. ¿Hace cuanto esquías con Dalbello?

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