Jim Ryan


I learned to ski in Vermont. A state where the skiing is good enough to spark a life-long love, but bad enough to instill a proper relationship with the downhill ski and stiff boots. Then I went to Colby College where I studied economics and enjoyed it, while it lasted. Now I call Jackson, WY (land of the bro) home.

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Fecha de nacimiento
Lugar habitual de esquí
Killington, VT
Be brave, The earth is all that lasts.
Settlers of Catan, Freestyle Rapping, Eating ice cream
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Prom King (runner-up) 


1. Bota Dalbello favorita
DRS 130
2. ¿Para qué utilizas esta bota?
Inbounds crud
3. ¿Por qué te gusta esta bota?
They let me ski fast under the lift, where it counts.
4. ¿Por qué te gustaría formar parte del equipo Dalbello?
I will never have enough money to afford italian footwear. But look at me now.
5. ¿Hace cuanto esquías con Dalbello?
1 year

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