Toni Riepler


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Fecha de nacimiento
Lugar habitual de esquí
Großglockner- "Nationalpark Hohe Tauern"
skiing and mountaineering are my passion and my job. If i have time, I´m also on ice and rocks
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state certified mountain and ski guide / operations manager for mountain rescue in Kals am Großglockner


1. Bota Dalbello favorita
Lupo Air 130
2. ¿Para qué utilizas esta bota?
For skimountaineering and combined ice-rock-ski high tours, but also for easy freeriding
3. ¿Por qué te gusta esta bota?
Ski boots are the elementary part between ski and foot. It must transmit finest impulses and protect the foot from enourmes forces at the same time. Dalbello has perfected this discipline.
4. ¿Por qué te gustaría formar parte del equipo Dalbello?
Dalbello is new to me. I´m looking forward to work with them and I´m excited to see how the new material works.
5. ¿Hace cuanto esquías con Dalbello?
This is the first winter, 2019/20

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