Austin Ross

Freeride, Touring

My name is Austin Ross and I am a professional skier and mountain sport athlete from the BC Coast Mountain Range. I began skiing around the same time that I learned to walk and have since spent time all over the world chasing storms and working on photo and film assignments for my sponsors, magazine publications and movie production companies.
Besides skiing, I like to explore the realm of the natural world through free flight on my paragliders and speed wings.


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#learn tocrow
Backcountry skier
Guitar, Paragliding/Speedflying
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1. Chaussures Dalbello préférées
Lupo TI
2. Pour quelle pratique utilises-tu tes chaussures?
Ski touring & Freeriding
3. Pourquoi aimes-tu cette chaussure?
Light weight, responsive, comfortable.
4. Pourquoi aimes-tu faire partie du team Dalbello?
Dalbello leads the charge with well thought out design and exceptional performance.
5. Depuis quand rides-tu avec des Dalbello aux pieds?
Since 2014

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