Ueli Kestenholz


Life's too short for one sport! I simply enjoy playing with the elements. My journey took me from skiing, skateboarding and windsurfing to snowboard, surf, kitesurf, skydive, paraglide and ultimately to speedriding which unites many of the above sports...


Montagne locale
Schilthorn and Lauchernalp
Be yourself and trust your instincts!
Boardriding in all elements & flying
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Many first descents and film segments over the past 10 years, each one memorable!

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1. Chaussures Dalbello préférées
Lupo 130C
2. Pour quelle pratique utilises-tu tes chaussures?
every day, any terrain
3. Pourquoi aimes-tu cette chaussure?
Light, touring mode but stiff enough for speed
4. Pourquoi aimes-tu faire partie du team Dalbello?
I get new boots before the old ones get stinky..;-)
5. Depuis quand rides-tu avec des Dalbello aux pieds?
Since 2011

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