Jeremy Pancras


Every day on skis makes me more passionated about it, I love traveling the world with my cameras and immortalize those little moments so I can talk my friend about when I get home :)


Data di nascita
Località sciistica di provenienza
La Clusaz
More fun please
Photography / videography / skateboard / travel the world
Migliori risultati

4th Redbull Playstreets

1st SFR tour

2nd SnowCrown

6th Jon Olsson Invitational

French champion 2014

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1. Scarponi Dalbello preferiti
Krypton 110
2. Per cosa usi questo scarpone da sci?
Everything : Backcountry, slopestyle, street… Can't get better than this
3. Perchè ti piace questo modello?
Because when I wear them I feel like home
4. Warum bist Du gerne im Dalbello-Team?
We are a family, Dalbello got my back through injuries and project for 6 years now and I'm loving the spirit of the company as they ask for us / riders to help improve skis years after years which make them the best possible. I don't feel like I work for Dalbello, I feel like we are working together and that's priceless
5. Da quanto tempo utilizzi Dalbello?
6 Years

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