Pierre Lucianaz



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Mont Fallére
Simple is better.
Flyfishing, bikepacking, hiking, take picture with old film camera, books… and a lots of other things
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1st at the alpine ski national junior championship in 2012, Italy (SG) is the formal top result. My personal top/favorite result probably is the descent of the Gran Combin SW face in 2017.

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1. Ulubione buty Dalbello
Lupo Factory
2. Do czego używasz tych butów?
For freeriding and freetouring
3. Za co najbardziej lubisz te buty?
It’s good in descent and not too heavy to carry it in the uphill, and is one boot for all days, it’s perfect if you don’t know what you will do (freeride/ski touring)
4. Dlaczego lubisz być częścią zespołu Dalbello?
I’m happy to be in the team because I love the products that all MDV’s company create. This is for me the opportunity to have the best equippement for my adventures.
5. Jak długo jeździsz dla Dalbello?
Dalbello Kripton was my first boots after race boots and it was perfect. From then on I use just Dalbello boots.

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