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The mountians are my happy place. Growing up in Minnesota I did not have access to mountains (my home ski area, Hyland Hills, is 175 ft/54m vertical). I remember our first family trip to Colorado and it was pure magic. That magic has never diminished for me. I started racing at age nine and made the US Ski Team at 15 years old. After ten years racing internationally and competing in the Torino and Vancouver Olympics, I retired from the World Cup in 2010. I wanted to explore the mountains without gates and courses dicating where and when I could turn. Post racing I fell even deeper in love with skiing when I discovered the beauty and adventure of the backcountry. As a reincarnated big-mountain skier, I get to travel to some of the most staggering corners of the world to do what I love and what makes it even better is that I get to share those experiences with others. I am one lucky girl.


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United States
Domáce stredisko
Deer Valley Resort, UT
Laugh often
Former Racer, Current Big Mountain Skier
Reading, trail running, mountain biking, sailing, writing…

2-Time Olympian,

4-time U.S. National Alpine Champion,

1st place Freeskiing World Tour's 2012

North American Championship,

6-time Warren Miller featured athlete

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1. Obľúbená Dalbello-lyžiarka
Lupo Carbon T.I.
2. V akom teréne používaš svoje lyžiarky?
Touring / Big mountain and resort skiing
3. Čo sa ti páči na Dalbello lyžiarkach?
The Lupo Carbon T.I. sounded like it was too good to be true- a super lightweight touring boot that had the rigidity and design to ski like a freeride boot? But it is all those things. Comfortable and maneuverable for the way up, and hard-charging and high-perfroming on the way down.
4. Prečo si rád v Dalbello tíme?
Dalbello is always trying to improve upon their last boot, never satisfied with the status quo. You see it in their products as they push the limits of what we thought possible and you see it with their varitety and caliber of athletes of which I am proud
5. Ako dlho jazdíš za Dalbello?
6 years

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